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Windows XP Fax Services files

Posted by presets Wednesday, June 1 1 comments
Frustration, I experienced in setting the fax machine connected to the computer without the XP CD. Verydifficult to find the required files. Browsing on the internet showing a lot of sites associated with the files needed but none are complete. Many articles that teach how to get those files, but still have to find some raw files that may not or hard to get it. Here is a list of raw files that i share :
 FXSAPI.DL_               FXSCFGWZ.DL_            FXSCLNT.CH_            FXSCLNT.EX_             
 FXSCLNT.HL_             FXSCLNTR.DL_             FXSCOM.DL_             FXSCOMEX.DL_            
 FXSCOUNT.H_           FXSCOVER.CH_            FXSCOVER.EX_         FXSDRV.DL_              
 FXSEVENT.DL_          FXSEXT.EC_                 FXSEXT32.DL_           FXSMON.DL_             
 FXSOCM.DL_             FXSOCM.IN_                 FXSPERF.DL_            FXSPERF.IN_             
 FXSRES.DL_              FXSROUTE.DL_            FXSSEND.EX_            FXSSHARE.CH_            
 FXSST.DL_                 FXSSVC.EX_                FXST30.DL_                FXSTIFF.DL_             
 FXSUI.DL_                  FXSWZRD.DL_             FXSXP32.DL_              FYI.CO_                 
 GENERIC.CO_            URGENT.CO_       

After you have those files, you need to follow the instructions written by Jon : 

Easier to install it prior to installing SP2 than after it - not impossible,
but a little tricky after SP2 is installed

Have a look in c:\windows\i386 and c:\windows\system32\dllcache for the
files that the wizard prompts for


fxscount.h (expand from fxscount.h_ )
fxsperf.ini (expand from fxsperf.in_ )

Copy them to c:\windows\system32
(you will need to "expand" some of the files before copying
eg to expand fxscount.h_ to fxscount.h use the command "expand fxscount.h_
fxscount.h" at a command prompt)

These files should NOT be placed in c:\windows\system32 but in these

fxsext.ecf ( expanded from fxsext.ec_ ) in c:\windows\addins
Place the .cov files in
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows
NT\MSFAX\Common Coverpages
(create the MSFAX and "Common Coverpages" subfolders if they don't already


confdent.cov (expanded from confdent.co_ )
fyi.cov (expanded from fyi.co_ )
generic.cov (expanded from generic.co_ )
urgent.cov (expanded from urgent.co_ )

When all the files are in position the installation should proceed smoothly

Hope this helps


You can Download those files here :
Fax Service Files    (mirror1)
Raw Fax Files        (mirror1)


rodsmine said...

This was a re-install for me.
Only one of the files in my c:\windows\system32\dllcache directory worked.

Simply expanding the files from the c:\windows\I386 directory into c:\tmp and pointing the program installer to c:\tmp does not work (contrary to what the installer implies by letting you point to the location of the expanded file); I had to copy them into c:\windows\system32 like Jon said, and then run the installer (they all have to be there; you cannot see what it wants, expand the file, and point the installer to it - you have to start the installer from scratch for it to see the expanded file).

Check the …\Common Coverpages directory before going to the trouble of expanding the cover pages into it - my cover pages were already there from when the fax service was installed many years ago.

Some of my files were corrupted because it would not accept the expanded version of 2 files. Many thanks for the clarification and the expanded files.

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